Our mission is to use our God-given creativity expressed through fashion, music and worship, popular culture, & spoken word testimonies to show the heart of Jesus for this generation of people.

We believe that the fashion, music and entertainment industries have been storing up a tremendous harvest that is bound to be released, bringing the greatest movement of God our world has ever seen.

We are using the passions that God has placed inside of our hearts to reach 1 billion people, setting people free from all forms of oppression…bringing hope, peace, joy and love, & catapulting this generation into destiny in Christ. Amen!
Our founders, Christian Childress and Samuel Pizzo, met in the summer of 2021 while serving at the week-long 1DayLA mission trip in Los Angeles. A month after that, they attended a conference together in North Georgia, where the power of God fell on them in a way neither of them had experienced before. From that point forward, they knew their relationship was orchestrated by God for a greater purpose than just friendship.

The two of them began seeking The Lord’s direction for their relationship, deciding to go on a 21 day fast together. Over the course of that three week period, God was speaking to each of them, and confirming His divine plan. Part of the Revelation they each received was that they were to create clothing that glorifies the name of Jesus. They each had visions of people praying over t-shirts and hoodies, as well. The Lord directed Christian to the ministry of the great John G. Lake, where he found that Lake would pray over letters he would send to people, and those letters would carry the healing power of Jesus Christ. People would become miraculously healed and set-free from all forms of oppression through the presence of the Holy Spirit in those letters.

From there, Samuel and Christian felt the peace and confidence to move forward as the steward’s of God’s vision for this clothing line. They named it Revelation Company in reverence to the great revelations they had received from The Lord while seeking Him together. All of the products that are offered on the site have been inspired by The Holy Spirit, and point back to the goodness, mercy, graceand freedom that comes from seeking (and finding) Jesus in your life. We look forward to this journey with you, and thank you in advance for being a part of this global movement with us!

Samuel is a marketplace minister and clothing designer in Chicago. Fashion and Jesus are his passions, and he owns the custom clothing brand, Gold Coast Bespoke. Christian is a youth pastor in Mobile, Alabama. He also is husband to Jordan and father to their newborn baby girl, Ozzy Jane.